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Maid Agency: Aatas Employment Agency
Type: New
Available: 4 TO 5 WEEKS
Base Salary: S$600
Rest Day Pref.: 2 rest days per month

Mary Jane is 39 years old, college graduate, took up a midwifery graduate, ( 2 years ) , She was grown up in the province where there are many people from here who are very hardworking
Mary Jane has working experienced in Saudi Arabia for 12 years ( one employer only )

2006 to 2019 --Work in Jedah for 14 years, She works in 3 stories house, served an Arabic family, Mary jane previous employer consist of 4 adults ages 65,55,20 and 16 years old, Her job scope includes all cleaning, laundry, ironing and helps in cooking. She completed her contract for 12 years and Jane decided to leave for good last year March.
She is presently taking care of her nieces and nephews, in Philippines who are staying with them the children's ages are 3, 4 and 5 years old, Mary jane said , She loves to take care children.
Mary jane has good attitude, loyal and dedicated.
Please call 67378681 or 82463140 if you can view her interview video call, She is available for employment in 4 to 5 weeks, Available for video interview any time.

Single (39 yrs)
Ref: EXS JAN 17
Upd on 02-Feb-20
Maid Agency: Aatas Employment Agency
Type: Ex Singapore
Available: 4 WEEKS
Base Salary: S$580
Rest Day Pref.: 2 rest days per month

Antonina is 44 years old, married with 3 children ages 23,15,13 years old. She has 5 siblings in the family, during her younger days, She helps to take care of her younger siblings, She also took care of her 3 kids when they were born.

Antonina is mature, sensible and very suitable to take care of infant because, she has experience in taking care of baby from her previous Chinese employer in Singapore
2009 to 2012 ,work for Chinese employer,staying in HDB apartment, took care of 2 children ages 5 months and 2 years old, Her other duties are cooking, grocery shopping , going to the wet market to buy fresh meat and fish, doing all the laundry and cleaning, Was working for almost 2 years but her employer has stopped working and her employer decided to look after her own kids.

2012 to 2014, worked for Chinese american family, who Are staying in a twin house, took care of 2 children ages 11 and 9 years old, her job scope are the prepare the children's needs to go school, assist them in their sports activities, preparing all they need before and after, going to the market to buy groceries, cooking, cleaning,ironing, washing the dishes and washing clothes, she also wash her employers car. she completed her contract and decided to go back t be with her kids, rest for 2 months and now she is ready to work again.
She is confident in cooking Chinese and western dishes, suitable in baby care and childcare.

Married (44 yrs)
Upd on 03-Jan-20
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