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Maid Agency: Aatas Employment Agency
Type: Ex Singapore
Available: 3 TO 4 WEEKS
Base Salary: S$600
Rest Day Pref.: 2 TO 4 rest days per month
Melanie is 38 years old, college-level has 4 siblings back in the Philippines , she is married with 2 grown-up children ages 11 and 9 years old,. she took care of her children when they were born, She also took care of 6 months baby boy in Singapore when she works here for 2 years.,
2012 January to 2013 Dec, She works for a Chinese family in HDB 3 bedroom apartment serve for both working couples with 1 baby 6 months old when she joins the employer, Her other duties were all the housework, cooking and many more, her previous employer likes to renew her contract but she decided to go back to Philippine to take care of her children first because they needed the care of a mother because they still very young at that time.

2013 to 2017, She took care of her children full time and does her housework at home.

2017 to 2019 she works in Jedda, Serve for an Arabic family work in a very big house, serve for 4 adults like the mother ages 60 + and the 3 grown-up children ages 37 years old a doctor and 26, and 17 years old who still in schooling .her other duties were all the ironing, washing clothes by hands and in washing machine, cleaning and cooking. She completed her contract, her employer wanted to renew her contract but she dis not renew due to no off days and very low salary,
Presently she is in the Philippines in her province, ready for any video call interview, any inquiry pls call 67378681 or message at 82463140 for a video record interview and biodata.
Melanie is a motherly, independent worker, She is suitable in baby care and even childcare.
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Married (37 yrs)
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Maid Agency: Aatas Employment Agency
Type: Ex Singapore
Available: 3-4 weeks
Base Salary: S$580
Rest Day Pref.: 2-4 rest days per month

Glomel is 44 yrs old, with 3 kids (19, 21, 24) She is from Quezon city, Philippines. She had studied 3 years in college (BS med.tech.)
She has experience working in Singapore and Saudi Arabia before.

She says she is confident in looking after babies & toddlers as she is a mother of 3 herself. She has good experience doing all-around household cleaning.
She has good experience cooking Chinese food in Singapore. Her employers had taught her how to cook before, different employers, different style of cooking.
She speaks and understands English clearly. Communicated well with interviewer.

Employer 1 (Chinese family) - 3 storey house, 2 maids, 9 people at home. The other maid was for elderly care only. She took care of all the household cleaning & cooking. She also arranged her own cleaning schedule.
Lack of food.

Employer 2 (Chinese family) - Worked in a HDB household cleaning and looking after 2 young toddlers. she says this job was forced unto her by her previous agency when she was looking for new employer previously.
She ended up working and cleaning for 2 different houses and was overworked.

Employer 3 (Chinese family) - 3 storey house, 2 adults and 19yr & 21yr old daughters. She did all the household cleaning by herself. Her employer tasked her with many chores daily going up and down the 3 floors. She had to carry heavy buckets of water up 3 floors to the rooftop.
She was overworked

Employer 4 (Chinese family) - she says this employer was also pushed unto her by her previous agency, she took care of elderly lady, she had to whole-body massage her 5 times a day with foot spa every night. she also prepared medicine and light assistance for the elderly lady.
Too much workload

She has been quite unfortunate with her previous employments but she is honest and sincere in working hard for a decent family.
She says given the chance she will definitely do well in a proper household.

She is flexible with 2-4 off days a month.
She is available for interview through video calls and calls.
Please email aatas@aatas.com.sg or call 6737 8681

Separated (45 yrs)
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